As Jesus followers we are called into the Kingdom Life. This blog will help us converse and learn what that means. It will contain thoughts on Scripture, Sermon Reflection, Leadership Training and interesting reads. -Pastor Jeff

Thursday, December 7, 2017


1.) Quit obsessing about your own happiness.  Pursue faithfulness and reap joy.
2.) Quit making excuses for innaction.  Start taking decisive action.
3.) Quit searching for an escape route from difficulty.  Stay "in the fray" and grow as a person.
4.) Quit making things out to be worse than they really are.  Start giving thanks for what you have.
5.) Quit justifying someone's abuse of you.  Take the first steps toward freedom.
6.) Quit trying to convice yourself the grass is greener on the other side of the hill.  Put on your boots "Nancy" and do the hard work for fertilizing and watering your side of the hill.
7.) Quit pretending that you don't know what to do next if you recently stopped the one thing that was helping.  Start doing that one thing again. 
8.) Quit sowing deceit and acting surprised when your life produces the fruit of conflict.  Tell the truth and make peace.
9.) Quit measuring your worth by worldly value.  Start measuring your signficance by consistent virtue.
10.) Quit expecting the people you love to continue to drag you through life.  Stand up.  Put your shoes on.  Lock arms with them and walk this journey alongside of them.
11.) Quit being lazy and lamenting when things don't change.  If you are going to be lazy just name it.  If you want change do something about it.
12.) Quit living selfishly and then whining about being lonely.  Start valuing others above yourself and discover your cup spilling over.
13.) Quit blaming everything and every one for every thing.  Start taking some of the responsibility for your chaos.
14.) Quit allowing fear of failure to steal your purpose.  Trust God's faithfulness and believe that all failure is a lesson waiting to be learned.
15.) Stop believing good things come without sacrrifice.  Count the cost before you covet the prize.