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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Gopel Doesn't...Isn't...Won't

The Gospel Doesn't:
Insulate you from trouble but it does sustain you in trial
Promise you safety but it does provide you with strength
Immediately make things all better but it does point you toward hope
Exempt you from temptation but it grants you power to resist
Equate with prosperity but offers you life abundant

The Gospel Isn't:
A quick fix but it is a life-altering gift
A get out of hell free card but it is a refuge of peace
A tool for superiority but is an invitation to humility
A safe spiritual sentiment but it is the announcement of a coming Kingdom
A trump card in the hands of the self-righteous but gift to the poor in Spirit

The Gospel Won't:
Provide an escape hatch from worldly struggles but will see you through
Allow you to cheapen grace but will call you to radical self-abandonment
Give permission to live in holy huddles but will send you into the world
Grant you a mask to hide brokenness but will call you to authenticity
Won't scare the "Hell" out of you but woo you with God's Holy Love